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Bioterrorism Training and Curriculum Development Program

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

Purpose of this program:

To prepare a workforce of healthcare professionals with the core competencies to address the medical consequences of bioterrorism and other public health emergency preparedness and response issues. In this context, "other public health emergencies" includes other forms of terrorism (such as use of chemical, explosive, incendiary, or nuclear agents against the civilian population) as well as natural disasters and catastrophic accidents. Specifically, the goal of this program is the development of a health care workforce with the knowledge, skiUs, abilities and core competencies to: (1) recognize indications of a terrorist event; (2) meet the acute care needs of patients, including pediatric and other vulnerable populations, in a safe and appropriate manner; (3) participate in a coordinated, multidisciplinary response to terrorist events and other public health emergencies and consider surge capacity issues in the response; and (4) rapidly and effectively alert the public health system of such an event at the community, State, and national level. - Effective responses to public health emergencies require close collaboration among all types of health professionals involved in patient care including allied health professionals, medical and dental specialists, mental health and other professionals, the public health system, and the emergency response system. To achieve such a collaborative environment, it is necessary to implement new models of undergraduate/graduate curricula and continuing education and training for health professionals that broaden public health knowledge and ensure that essential multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary collaborative responses to emergencies will occur. The Bioterrorism Training and Curriculum Development Program (BTCDP) consists of two discrete foci of activity: 1) Provision of Continuing Education for Practicing Providers (CE), and 2) Curriculum Development in Health Professions Schools (CD), Each of the categories above must have a distinct and separate application.